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Tesco Colleagues Star in Our Love Every Mouthful TV Campaign

22 July 2013

A few weeks ago we started a conversation about our Passion for Food. Colleagues were invited to share stories, recipes and photos and hundreds of us did! A panel of experts read through the amazing stories that were submitted and invited four colleagues to feature in our  Love Every Mouthful TV adverts and share with the nation their Passion for Food. Introducing the stars of our newest adverts which launched Sunday…

Mercedes Podevin

  • Mercedes is 22 years old and joined the Tesco team in October 2012. She is a Checkout Supervisor at our Braintree SupePicture of Mercedesrstore.
  • Her favourite Tesco product is the meatball wrap.
  • Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal are her favourite chefs.
  • Mercedes’ passion is baking cupcakes and she wants to start a cupcake business with her housemate Amelia, who also works at Tesco on the cheese counter.
  • When asked why she shared her Passion for Food Mercedes said ‘I share my Passion for Food with everyone so thought why not!’
  • It means a lot for her to be in the advert, she said not only was it a great opportunity but it’s been really interesting and she’s met lots of cool people.

 Moshiur Kabiri

  • 33 year old Moshiur has worked for Tesco for five years and is now a Team Leader in his favourite department, Produce. He works in our Elephant and Castle Metro.Picture of Moshiur
  • Rick Stein is his favourite celebrity chef.
  • Moshiur enjoys cooking and gardening in his spare time.
  • He was inspired to share his Passion for Food simply because he loves cooking and learning about different types of food!
  • He is a Muslim and is passionate about the joy and fun of communal eating, particularly during Ramadan.
  • Reflecting on his Passion for Food he said, ‘the way that my mother showered love and affection on us was cooking, and you saw what food was able to do. So food was always important. And then I kind of fell into it’.

Gairy Wilson

  • 35 year old Gairy is a Bakery Team Leader from our Kennington Vauxhall Superstore.
  • Among his group of friends he is known for his cooking – to the point that people drop by in the hope of getting a meal from him.
  • Gairy commented that ‘the food you cook can reveal stuff about your personality’. Picture of Gairy
  • He says his food shows that he’s a colourful person with big flavours that show that he’s confident.
  • Gairy said that in Jamaica – and in the Caribbean more generally – all children learn to cook, because knowing how to cook allows you to be independent and to take care of yourself. To him, being able to cook is a sign that someone was brought up well, was taken care of and would know how to hold their own.

Phil Lowe

  • 57 year old Phil is a Butcher from Nottingham Beeston Extra. He has worked at Tesco for three years and last year passed his NVQ in Meat and Fish.
  • Everyday Phil takes pleasure in dressing his meat/ fish counter putting care, thought and time into arranging it.
  • His favourite Tesco product is sirloin steak.
  • Phil likes Rick Stein, the Two Hairy Bikers, Raymond Blanc and Rachel Khoo.Picture of Phil2
  • Phil loves sharing cooking ideas and the knowledge he has built up. He thought by sharing his Passion for Food he could broaden his audience, be a characterful, friendly face for Tesco and he thought that it would be fun to do!
  • Phil shares his ideas and knowledge through his own blog, and he also has a self-published book about meat ‘Tales from the Block’, which you can buy online.
  • Phil said to be in the adverts means ‘that I can be proud to be an ambassador of the Love Every Mouthful campaign and that in my own way that pride would reflect on my Tesco store and my managers and supporters at Beeston Tesco Extra. I think the customers get a buzz from it too’.


Thank you to Mercedes, Moshiur, Gairy and Phil for sharing with us all their Passion for Food. Why not share your Passion for Food?