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Hudl is voted The One Show’s top tablet

8 November 2013

Let's hudl







Earlier this week, we had some great news – our Hudl came top of BBC1’s The One Show family tablet test.

The programme, which aired on 6 November, asked a family of four children, a dad and a granddad to test five tablets: Argos Mytablet, Kindle HD, Lenovo, Nook and Hudl. The family agreed to give up all their own gadgets for two days and put the tablets through their paces.  After 48 hours, the family gathered to vote on which tablet was their favourite –  and four out of five chose Hudl. The piece said Hudl stood out for the family because of its “battery life”, “high quality screen” and “overall look.”

To watch the tablet testing and see Hudl triumph, click here – the section begins at around 4 minutes 30 in.

We designed and built Hudl for our customers; for mums who want to be able to do their shopping online; grandparents who like to keep up with photos of their grandchildren; and teenagers who want to download films or music and chat with friends on social networks. So it’s great that it’s being recognized as a quality family tablet – we hope that both you and our customers will continue to enjoy using it.