Our Energy Ambassadors are helping us to become energy savvy!

26 March 2015

Our colleagues in the Energy team are running a pilot programme in Scotland to help reduce energy usage in our stores. Four Energy Ambassadors are working across stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas, to encourage, motivate and educate colleagues on better energy saving techniques.

Did you know we could save over £6 million every year by thinking about energy in our day-to-day routines? Just take a look at these alarming facts:

  • We spend £10 on energy every single second
  • That’s 1% of the total energy used in the UK
  • You could boil Loch Ness 3.5 times with the energy we use every year

It’s no wonder we’re doing something to help us be more energy efficient!

Getting energy behaviours right in store can save on average 2% of total usage. It is still early days but we’ve already seen some great impacts from the project. By slightly changing their shutdown procedure, Edinburgh Haymarket Express have saved £900 per year in energy used overnight – this is the same as taking an additional £18,000 of sales over the year. We are on track to save over £200,000 in the trial stores this year, but it all depends on colleagues in store doing their bit to include the energy actions in their day to day routines.

Take a look at what our colleagues in Scotland are saying:


As well as carrying out this essential piece on reducing our impact on the environment, the programme is also helping us build links in our communities by providing Energy Ambassador roles to unemployed young people. As part of the recruitment for these roles, 40 unemployed young people took part in a three-day training course combining basic retail knowledge with environmental and energy awareness and engagement techniques. Four candidates from the 40 trained were chosen to become our Energy Ambassadors. Out of the remaining 36, we were able to put forward 33 for other vacancies here at Tesco, and employed nine of them.

You can read more about how we are supporting young people here.