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Give our new, sweeter blackberries a go!

20 July 2015

In the UK, blackberries have always been seen as the poor relation to strawberries, blueberries and raspberries – unlike America where sweeter varieties make them a top-selling fruit. But this is set to change. 

Following the arrival, in quantity, of new, sweeter blackberries in the UK, we are championing them as a snacking food for the first time ever!

BlackberriesSweet blackberries, which were only introduced to the UK a few years ago, will be sold in small £1 snacking packs. It will also be the first time that they will be prominently labelled as Sweet Blackberries. 

They are a natural source of goodness with typically less than 0.2g fat per 100g  and a handful contributes to your five a day.

Our soft fruit buying manager Simon Mandelbaum said: “Traditionally blackberries have never been as popular as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and that’s because they have not been as sweet. They’ve always been popular in cooking, especially as ingredients for jam, pies and crumbles but lesser so as a treat to be enjoyed on their own. 

“However, that’s not the case in America where blackberries are far more popular than in the UK and the varieties are far sweeter. We think these sweeter varieties could totally revolutionise the UK blackberry industry and see the fruit eventually become as popular as blueberries have become in the last 10 years – and maybe, one day, even strawberries.”


We visited one of the UK’s largest berry growers, Robert Pascall at his Clock House Farm in Coxheath, Kent, to get the low down on these new fantastic berries. Check out the video below…

 Why not pick up a pack in store and let us know what you think?