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A better offer on our Tesco burgers, bacon and sausages!

28 January 2016

Over the last year we’ve cut prices on over 1,000 products and made our prices much more stable too, with fewer price changes and simpler promotions across our stores.bacon and s_v2

We’ve done a lot of work already, including changes to the pricing of our wine range and now we’re taking a similar approach to our bacon, sausages and burgers.

From this week, we’re moving away from the 2 for £5 offer on Tesco Finest bacon and sausages, and 2 for £5 Tesco burgers. Instead, we’re changing the individual price permanently, from £3.00 to £2.50.

We’re also removing the 2 for £6 offer on our Tesco Finest burgers so that they are permanently £3.

This means that not only are we offering our customers simple, immediate value all the time, we’re enabling them to buy the products they want, when they want it.

It’s also good for our suppliers as it means that the demand for our products will be much more stable and steady – helping us all work together better and plan more consistently.