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Our Perfectly Imperfect range

14 April 2016

Recently, we launched our ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ range – offering customers the opportunity to buy fruit and veg that was previously outside of our specifications, at a great price.

We started with parsnips and potatoes and are pleased to say that we’ve now extended the range to include strawberries and apples too!

This is yet another step in supporting our suppliers and reducing food waste in our supply chain. Matt Simister, Commercial Director for Fresh Food and Commodities, explains more in his blog below:

pefectly imperfect“Building on the recent launch of our Perfectly Imperfect brand with parsnips and potatoes, we have now extended the range into fruit.

Last week we concluded some work, with our partner suppliers, to extend our retail specifications of strawberries and apples so that we can offer class two products to customers at great value prices.  This means that we are now taking 95% of our suppliers’ strawberries and 97% of our British apple growers’ crops.

The work doesn’t stop here though.  We have experienced high levels of waste in-store on the parsnips in particular, and therefore need to continually develop our specifications so that we minimise the food that is wasted in any part of the chain.

At the same time, we are then developing sustainable relationships between partner suppliers so that what customers won’t pick up in-store, can hopefully find a home in the food chain when it needs one (e.g. via mashing, in the case of our lower grade potatoes; or juicing, in the case of our lower grade apples).

We’ve already facilitated the up-take of 35 ton per week from our potato partner (Branston) into our ready meals partner (Samworth Brothers), and we’re hopeful that the establishing of a juicing relationship with Scripps, our key grower of British apples, will utilise the remaining 2% of the edible crop.

Good end to end system work from our extended Produce supply chain team!”

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