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Super snacking berries are back

6 May 2016

Satisfy your next craving for something sweet with our supersized finest* raspberries and new generation supersweet blackberries – perfect for fast, healthy snacks, and back in stores this month.

Snack on our supersized raspberries

Big Berry Jewel dwarfs ordinary raspberries

Hand-picked and ready to enjoy right away, the finest* Berry Jewel or giant raspberry, is “lusciously juicy and aromatic” says our ‘chief taste-tester’ Technical Manager Sabina Wyant. Berryworld, a Tesco supplier since 1994, spent 12 years developing it with UK breeder Peter Vinson.

“The plant delivers fewer berries but they’re bigger and sweeter, making the finest* Berry Jewel good value, and a favourite with our customers,” explains Sabina. “Most raspberries are bred in the USA, Spain or Holland so to develop a variety at home specifically for Britain is a terrific achievement.”

Now our British blackberries, homegrown by Tesco supplier Berry Gardens in Kent, Hereford and Scotland, are being hailed as a superfood snack too. “The supersweet Driscoll Victoria snacking blackberry is big,” adds Sabina, “with a deliciously aromatic flavour and bold glossy finish.”

Due to the Driscoll Victoria, we tripled the popularity of our blackberries last year, simply by changing customer eating habits. Now, we separate our snacking and cooking varieties in stores, and this year’s crop of supersweet blackberries looks set to rival raspberries as a great grab-and-go snack for busy lifestyles.

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