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Seven things you didn’t know about Clubcard

19 October 2017

We’ve all got one tucked away somewhere in our wallet, but how much do we really know about our Colleague Clubcard?

Make the most of it during our latest Double Discount event from 6am on Friday 20 October until 11pm on Thursday 26 October, and find out seven things we bet you didn’t know about Clubcard in our t magazine feature below.

1. It’s part of history

We already know that Clubcard is one of the biggest loyalty schemes in retail, but did you realise it was also the first? Back in 1995, Clubcard was a true pioneer for loyalty schemes when we became the first supermarket to launch such a scheme to reward customers. Since then, Clubcard has grown to become one of the most rewarding loyalty schemes in the industry.

2. Getting to the point

Whether you swipe, scan or tap your card, there are many ways to collect Clubcard points – you can even use the Clubcard or Pay + apps. Whichever way they chose, our customers collected nearly £400 million worth of Clubcard points last year. It’s our way to say thanks for shopping with us.

3. Your card is personal to you

It’s not just vouchers that make Clubcard so valuable to our customers, we also use the data to benefit them too. Whether it’s sending out coupons for things we know they buy or emails displaying promotions on products they’d like, we try to make every contact with customers as personalised as we can. Clubcard data also helps us to make customer-focused decisions for the business – for example, how to tailor our product ranges in store to the local area.

4. Colleagues come first

Whatever we do for Clubcard customers, we want to share with our colleagues first. It might be the little extras, such as coupons, that we send to you in the post or the free £5 Clubcard voucher that helps you try out our Reward Partners, but you will always experience it before anybody else. And if that’s not enough, we also run colleague-exclusive competitions, such as Clubcard Millionaire.

5. Re-carding the entire nation

We’ve just sent out nearly 17 million new contactless Clubcards to customers and colleagues, which is no small feat. It’s taken nearly a year to manufacture the cards across the globe, and create exactly the right colours for print. In fact, the red in the middle of the card is unique and was blended especially for Tesco.

6. The pizzas (and flights) are on us

Did you know your vouchers can be worth up to four times as much if you use them with our Clubcard Reward Partners? We’re listening to our customers to make sure our offers are relevant and helpful – and we now work with more than 400 brands, with new ones joining all the time. Among the most popular is Avios to get money off flights, while our Pizza Express deals mean two million pizzas were enjoyed on us last year.

7. You’ve got mail

Four times a year, we turn your Clubcard points into vouchers, giving customers money to spend in our stores. Most people receive these through the post, but you can also opt for an email or text message to let you know that your vouchers are ready. Our Clubcard statement takes up to 14 weeks to create and there can be anything up to 36 different artwork versions sent out, as we aim to give the most relevant message to every customer.

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