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What it takes to be a great ally at Tesco

30 September 2020

Whatever our role at Tesco, we all have a responsibility in making everyone feel welcome. We know that a great way to continue building a truly inclusive culture is to have open and honest conversations about our diversity, showing empathy in each other’s perspectives, and having the courage to speak out when something isn’t right.

We’ve recently encouraged colleagues to explore having better conversations around diversity and inclusion, supported by the D&I conversation guide and glossary.

To continue the conversation, we are pleased to launch a new supporting guide, built in collaboration with our colleague networks – ‘What it takes to be a great ally‘. Being an ally is an ongoing, personal commitment, and we hope that this guide provides the inspiration to encourage more people to step forward and identify how they can play an important role in raising awareness and providing support when it’s needed.

You can hear from two of our colleagues and one of our charity partners on their thoughts around allyship, and how we can all better support our colleagues from diverse communities.

Freddie SackeyAddo

Freddie is one of our large format Store Managers, and shares more about his experiences with mentoring and coaching in Tesco.

Helen Scully

Helen is an Assistant Buyer, and is passionate about educating others on inclusive language and anti-racism.

“Social justice issues have always been a passion of mine, and I try to put myself in other people’s situations at all times. My personal value is, where I can, to leave the world in a better place for everyone. I live this value in my personal and professional life. I believe it’s important to question the status quo, challenge people to think outside their world view, and use my privilege to speak up for marginalised people.”

Carrie Reiners

Carrie is the Deputy CEO at AKT – a homelessness charity working to secure safe homes and better futures for LGBTQ+ young people.

Our five colleague networks are here to offer support when you need it most. Whether that’s through networking, managing careers or simply having someone to talk to. Even if you don’t identify as a member of one of our colleague networks, a great first step in showing your support is by becoming a network member and an active ally.