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Our Health Charity Partnership

We’re delighted to announce a unique new partnership to help tackle some of the UK’s biggest health challenges.

This is the next step in our relationship with the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK. It’s about changing behaviour, as well as raising money. By bringing together the skills, energy and expertise of our four organisations in a new five-year partnership, we can do even more to help our colleagues and customers live healthier lives.

As you know, over the last year we’ve been doing a lot to help colleagues and customers make healthier choices. In May 2017, we introduced a number of little helps to make healthy differences in our stores and for our colleagues. What we saw as a result was the biggest improvement we’ve ever seen in the healthiness of customer and colleague shopping baskets. Our shoppers’ baskets got healthier across every age range – and our colleagues’ shopping baskets improved even more than our customers’ baskets. We want to build on that success through this new partnership.

Our first priority is about supporting you, our colleagues. Within the last twelve months, we’ve run our first four health events exclusively for colleagues – with free fruit, free health checks, healthy deals and discounts, plus little helps like free snack boxes and water bottles. Now, with our three charity partners, we want to create the UK’s leading workplace health programme, so that everyone who works at Tesco can feel at their best at work and at home.

There will still be opportunities to raise money for these charity partners with big, impactful events. We also want to keep making a big contribution to local communities through the great work you do on our food collection programmes and our Bags of Help scheme.

We’re still just at the start of what we can do to make healthier choices and lifestyles a little easier, and our new partnership has huge potential to make a big difference. We’ll share more of our plans with you soon, in the meantime there’s more detail about our new charity partnership in the Q&A below.

Colleague Q&A - new Health Charity Partnership


  1. How long is the partnership for?
  • Five years
  1. How will the partnership work / what do we want to achieve during the partnership?
  • Working together with the charities, we aim to deliver a range of activities in order to achieve sustainable behavioural change that brings a reduction in the risk of heart and circulatory disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes.
  • We will focus on Tesco colleagues as a priority group, but will also look to engage customers in our activities.
  1. How is the partnership being funded?
  • The charities will be investing their time and expertise in this partnership and we will be paying a fee to reflect this.
  • The charities will of course receive customer and colleague fundraising for the Partnership. We will also provide some top-up for colleague fundraising.
  1. Does this mean that we can’t fundraise anymore?
  • There will still be opportunities to fundraise however we’re going to hold fewer, more impactful and exciting fundraising events such as Tesco Turns Pink later this year.
  1. Where will the fundraising go?
  • Each charity will dedicate their funding to agreed projects that focus around the theme of the overall partnership i.e. prevention.
  1. Will the fundraising be split equally?
  • Activities won’t always include all four partners, for example Tesco will hold some fundraising events for each charity separately.
  • Where all parties are involved, the funds will be split equally.

7. What exactly will the partnership deliver?

  • We are developing a full calendar of colleague and customer facing activities which will take place in year one.
  • The activities will include prevention focused work with both customers and colleagues, but also fundraising events.
  • Our detailed plans for subsequent years will be shaped depending on year one.
  1. Will there be activity across all UK nations?
  • Yes, there will be activity across the UK in all four nations.
  1. Why have these charities been chosen?
  • Heart and circulatory disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes are conditions which affect millions of people across the UK. While they are serious and life-threatening conditions, they are also largely preventable and share common risk factors, so there is work we can do to prevent all three together.
  1. What about other diseases and conditions that are preventable through lifestyle changes – why aren’t they included?
  • The work that the partnership does for people at risk of heart and circulatory disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes will have positive knock-on effects for a range of other conditions including stroke and some forms of dementia. Reducing body weight, eating well and being more active is the key to preventing many thousands of cases of debilitating conditions.
  1. Will we still work with other charities?
  • Tesco will continue to support a range of other charities in various ways, such as support of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, a partnership with the British Red Cross, work with Groundwork on Bags of Help and many local relationships with charities.
  1. Will we have a separate Charity of the Year?
  • No

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