The Tesco Eat Happy Project

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Here at The Tesco Eat Happy Project, our aim is to encourage children to have a happier and healthier relationship with food. We’re helping to equip children with the tools to make better decisions about the foods they put on their plates, in an interactive way. Now in its second year, The Tesco Eat Happy Project has reached more than 1.5 million primary school children so far, mostly through our free and interactive Farm to Fork Trails.


Farm to Fork


Our Farm to Fork initiative welcomes children into our stores to follow a mini treasure hunt to understand the source and production of the staples of a healthy diet, such as bread, fish, fruit and veg. There are four in-store trails you can complete including, Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Food for Fuel and Explore the Store. We also have seasonal trails for children to attend at different times of the year including Easter, Autumn Harvest, Christmas and finally Diwali where children can learn more about one of the most important festivals in the Hindu religion. To find out more or book a trail visit the Eat Happy site.


Farm to Fork

The Tesco Eat Happy Project is sponsoring the CFT’s “Let’s Get Cooking” courses, held at primary schools and run by volunteers. This is the largest network of after-school cookery courses in the UK. Being hands-on in the kitchen is a great way to inspire children to learn how to cook! We help provide support such as funding, training, recipes, and activities, to ensure the success of the club. Why not sign yourself up as a volunteer, and become part of this great food movement?




To learn more about The Eat Happy Project visit or to access our online activities and resources.